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Probiotics for Prawn

Aquaculture product especially shrimp is a major export item in Bangladesh. A significant limitation to the industry is loss of productivity owing to the emergence of a large variety of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and their resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs that cause mass mortality and consequent crop failure. The application of traditional methods in shrimp industry to combat microbial diseases, like use of broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs and chemicals, some of them are listed banned in the international market often cause us rejection of exportation, hence finding a public health and environment-friendly alternative has become a timely need. Probiotics – the friendly bacteria with a host of benefits can be an alternative to address the demand. Here, we aim to isolate indigenous probiotic bacteria that could outcompete pathogenic bacteria that are isolated from diseased post-larvae (PL) and prawn, present in hatcheries and rearing environment respectively. Once the effect is successfully translated in the culture ponds, this will be an eco-friendly, harmless approach to combat the disaster caused by bacterial infections without compromising the prawn quality, thereby ensuring food safety in prawn industries of Bangladesh.

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