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Lab Members


Syeda Ishita Dr. Syeda Tasneem Towhid
Post-doctotoral Fellow
Topic: Development of cost effective diagnostic kits for detection of FMDV in Bangladesh.
 Huzzat_1 Huzzat Ullah
PhD Researcher
Topic: Epidemiology and Molecular Characterization of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Viruses of Cattle and Vaccine Development in Bangladesh
 Ovinue Ovinu Kibria
Phd Researcher
Al Amin Bhai Md. Al-Amin
PhD Researcher
Topic: Development of Effective Vaccine against Local Isolates of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus in Bangladesh.
 diba_apu Farzana Diba
PhD Researcher
Topic: Microbial Ecology of Novel Arsenotrophic Genes in Bangladesh Environment: A Possible Genetic Control of Arsenic Mobilization
Mousumi Mousumi Karmakar
M.Phil Student
Topic: Characterization of microbial agents in diabetic foot infection and itS correlation with chronic subclinical inflammation
 Mahbuba Surovi Mahbuba Khatun
M. Phil Student
Thesis Topic: Development of a PCR Based Diagnostic System for Kala Azar.
Shuvro Prokash Nandi Shuvro Prokash Nandi
Research Assistant
Current Project: Foot-and-mouth disease in Bangladesh: Genome analysis and vaccine development.
Master’s Thesis: Prevalence and Characterization of Multidrug Resistant Zoonotic Enterobacter spp. in Poultry of Bangladesh in Savar, 2011. Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka.
 Fahmida Khandokar Fahmida Sultana
PhD Researcher
Thesis topic: Isolation and Characterization of ESBL Positive Bacteria from UTI patients of Savar, Bangladesh.
 Yasin Muhammad Yasin Ahmed
MS thesis student
Thesis Topic: “Antibiotic resistant gene pool assay and determination of antibiotic concentration in clinical wastewater (CWW) of Dhaka city using LCMS/MS”
Anwar Siddique Raju
MS Thesis Student (Session 2012-13)
Thesis Topic: Isolation and Complete Genome Analysis of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Serotype O Circulating in Bangladesh
 Sanjoy Sanjoy Kumar Mukharjee
MS Thesis Student (Session 2012-13)
 santonu 12 Santonu Kumar Sanyal
MS Thesis Student (Session 2012-13)
Topic: Analysis of arsenic microbiome.
 Arafat Arafat Rahman
MS Thesis Student (Session 2012-13)
Topic: Environmental Human Pathogenic Bacteria Screening Using Silkworm as Animal Model
 Julie Farjana Ehtesam Julie
MS Thesis Student (Session 2012-13)
juthica Juthika Mandal
MS Thesis Student (Session 2013-14)
 sabrin Sabrin Bashar
MS Thesis Student (Session 2013-14)
 Rajan Ram Prosad Chakrabarty
MS Thesis Student (Session 2013-14)
 samia Samia Parvin
MS Thesis Student (Session 2013-14)
 Shakil Md. ShakiluzzamanMS Thesis Student (Session 2013-14)  
 My profile
Md. Rahmat Ali
MS Thesis Student (Session 2014-2015)
Sadikur Rahman Shuvo
MS Thesis Student (Session 2014-2015)
   Md. Habibur Rahman
Lab Technician



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