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Arafat Rahman


I am a faculty at the Department of Microbiology (Noakhali Science & Technology University, NSTU) broadly interested in host-microbe interactions, virology, and microbial ecology or environmental microbiology. I use methods of molecular biology, genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics, and have developed a long-time interest in computational biology. I would like to work on research problems involving computational analysis of biological data that may offer dynamic opportunities for learning and expanding into new areas to acquire valuable skills.

I remain actively associated with Dr. Hossain’s lab working on the cross-border movement of FMD virus in Bangladesh using Bayesian MCMC approach. I developed a computer program named “Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Genotyping Tool” using Python. It can detect serotype of FMD virus VP1 or whole genome sequence and we are developing it further for detection of genotypes between different serotypes of FMD virus. This tool will be useful for surveillance of circulating FMDV genotypes and the detection of newly emerging genotypes, which will ultimately help FMDV control program in Bangladesh.

ResearchGate Profile:


For more information, the resume is attached as a pdf file. 


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