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Marzia Marzia Sultana
PhD Student, 2006-2007 (2013)
Thesis Topic:  The impact of biofilm formation on the survival of Vibrio cholerae in aquatic environment and its role in pathogenicity.
Sowkat.jpeg Mohammad Showkat Mahmud
PhD Student, 2013
Topic: Salmonellosis in Poultry of Bangladesh: Its Sero-prevalence, Drug Resistance and Zoonoses”
Tanvir bashar Tanvir Bashar
MS Session 2003-2004
Thesis Topic: Expression of virulence genes in, and molecular traits of , Aeromonas spp. isolated from the coastal aquatic environments of Bangladesh
Ruhul Ruhul Amin
MS Session:
Thesis Topic:
 Nihad Adnan Nihad Adnan
MS Session:  2007-2008
Thesis Topic: Hospital wastewater pollutes environment with active antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria.
 proPic Fahmida Rakhi
MSc Session:
Theiss Topic:
 Salma Salma Akter
MS Session: 2008-09
Thesis Topic:
 Sayem Atiqur Rahman
MS Session: 2008-09
Thesis Topic:
 Rupa Fauzia Ahamed Rupa
MS Session: 2009-10
Thesis Topic: Effectiveness of Acidified Sodium Chlorite and Chlorinated Water in Reducing Escherichia coli 0157:H7 And Salmonella Enteritidis in Tomato.
Naziza Naziza Rahman
MS Session: 2009-10
Thesis Topic:
Sabbir Sabbir Alam
MS Session: 2009-10
Thesis Topic: VP1 Protein, the Vaccine Target of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus: In Silico Analysis of Sequence Diversity and Mapping of Antigenic Epitopes in Serotype O and Asia1
Nazratan_2 Nazratan Naeem
MS Session: 2010-11
Thesis Topic:
Ramim Abu Md. Ramim
MS Session: 2010-11
Thesis Topic:The application of Probiotic Technology to prevent Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) Mortality in the south west coastal region of Bangladesh.
rabeya Rabeya Bilkis
MS Session: 2010-11
 Dipan Dipan Barai
MS Session: 2010-11
Project TItle:
 sadlee Saadlee Shehreen
Research Assistant
Research Topic: P1revalence and characterization of qnr gene in extended spectrum B-lactamase producing enterobacterial isolates in Bangladesh
 Samina Samina Momtaz
MS Thesis Student (Session 2011-12)
Thesis Topic:  Emergence, Distribution and Molecular Characterization of Foot-an-Mouth Disease Virus in Bangladesh in 2012 Outbreak
 sabia Sabia Sultana
MS Thesis Student (Session 2011-12)
Thesis Topic: Emergence of Extended Spectrum-Beta-Lactamase Carbapenemase (ESBL-C) Producing Bacteria from Environmentand Clinical Sources in Bangladesh.
 Bushra Bushra Jannat (Session 2011-12)
MS Thesis Student
Thesis Topic: Increased Salinity: Its Effect on Agriculturally Important Bacteria, Azotobacter spp. in the Coastal Agriculture of Bangladesh.
 Mou Taslin Jahan Mou (Session 2011-12)
MS Thesis Student
Thesis Topic: Microbial transformation of arsenic
Elvira Elvira Ahmed (Session 2012-13)
MS Thesis Student
 Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah (Session 2011-12)
Research Assistant
Thesis Topic: Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Environmental Bacteria from Hospital Waste Water (HWW) and Receiving River Buriganga, Bangladesh
 Masud Masudur Rahman
Lab Technician

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