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The Microbial Genetics and Bioinformatics Laboratory (Lab-109 & Lab-121) of the department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, is well equipped with modern instruments and Bio-Safety Level 2 setup. The laboratory was established in 2010 by Professor Dr. M. Anwar Hossain. It was initially funded by an equipment-grant from  the Academy of Science for the Developing World, and then subsequently by grants from the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Program, University Grant Commission, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Information Science and Technology, Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. Currently, the laboratory consists of the team leader Professor Dr. M. Anwar Hossain, associated guide Associate Professor Dr. Munawar Sultana, post-graduate students (PhD, MPhil and M.S.), research assistants and technicians. The laboratory also trains undergraduate students. The laboratory has collaborative research with Rhein-Waal University, Germany; NY-City University, USA; Nagasaki University, Japan; Bangladesh Agriculture University, BCSIR and ICDDR,B.

The prime focus of the laboratory is to investigate the emergence, distribution and epidemiology of circulatory Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV), infecting cattle in Bangladesh. The Ultimate aim is to develop a stable vaccine to control FMDV.

The Microbial Genetics and Bioinformatics Laboratory is also investigating antibiotic resistance gene pool pollution of the environment originating from health care system into the ecosystem. The laboratory is also associated with investigation of multi-drug resistant zoonotic bacteria (e.g. Salmonella and Enterobacter) from clinical (diabetic foot infection associated with chronic subclinical inflammation) and veterinary sources as well.

Newly introduced projects in this laboratory include research on microbial transformation of arsenic in the environment, foodborne pathogens and the development of probiotics to control microbial diseases in prawn.


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